Academic Hypocrisy: Political Science Silent on Obama’s Failed Presidency

Political scientists are not scientists. They are liberal hacks searching for ways to excuse their liberalism. This fact has been fully established with this year’s American Political Science Association convention which featured not a single session on Obama’s failed presidency even as it STILL had multiple sessions attacking George W. Bush.

Paul Rahe, a professor at Hillsdale College, attended this year’s ASPA meeting held in Washington DC and was shocked to find not one of the 1,000 panels dedicated to Obama’s presidency. Not one. And yes, there actually were 1,000 panels. Now, there were several that included Obama as part of an examination of decades of presidents, but no panel was dedicated solely to Obama.

“It was eerie. It was as if there has been no Obama presidency,” Rahe said.

Well, there was one panel. A liberal examination titled “The Obama Effect: How the 2008 Campaign Changed White Racial Attitudes.” And even that was less about Obama and more about those darn white racists… who… voted… for Obama… uh… by the millions.

This shows one thing: the good liberal folks in the field of political science are so embarrassed by Obama that they’d rather not be put in the uncomfortable position of having to examine his failed presidency with their colleagues sitting right in front of them.

These so-called scientists just couldn’t face Obama’s failed presidency so ultimately they thought it better to just ignore the whole damn thing.

But they sure had time to bash George W. Bush… still… and continually.

What a joke academia is. What a bunch of partisan hacks these historians and political “scientists” are. What a wasteland for truth are our universities.

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