Muslim ‘Cleric’ Jokes About 9/11, Other Terror Attacks on CNN

Supposed Muslim “cleric” Anjam Choudary, a man who is often seen on TV as the leading voice of Muslims in Britain, thought it would be hilarious to make a joke about 9/11 and other famous terror attacks on CNN on Tuesday.

On September 2 Choudary was doing a sound check for the TV engineers before appearing on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” when he stopped counting in the normal, sequential way and began to say the numbers 9/11, 7/7, 3/11—all well known as dates of deadly terror attacks in the west.

When they finally got on the air, host Brian Stelter asked Choudary, “Is this all some sort of joke to you?”

Choudary replied that it was just a joke and you have to have a sense of humor and then noted that if Stetler didn’t think it was funny and if Stetler wanted to make it “an issue,” then it makes CNN look “much more shallow than me.”

This is one of those “imagine if a conservative had made a joke like this” situations, especially if it was a Christian minister. Imagine if a conservative had made a joke about the death of Michael Brown, say, or made a joke out of some other stereotypical subject. We’d be seeing this video all day long on every TV station and every newspaper would be touting how evil the right is.

But because a Muslim made a joke like this, because a Muslim made fun of killing thousands of westerners, this is likely the only place you’ll ever see this video.

Why won’t you see this too many other places? Because multiculturalism is a religion that liberals won’t deny and Muslims must never be decried. Only conservatives are truly evil in their worldview. Besides, in the left’s worldview, westerners deserve terrorism. Just ask Chico or Bruce right here on our Wizbang site.

Finally, we have to hand it to Stetler for being shocked, here. He did a good job calling Choudary out for a change.

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