Islam’s Next Victim: ISIS Beheads Another American Journalist

Islam has claimed yet another victim as the same British ISIS jihadist has just released a video showing him beheading Steven Sotloff, another western journalist, and there is a third one waiting his turn.

The new video begins with the scumbag Muslim directly addressing the weakling President, Obama, saying, “I’m back, Obama, and I’m back because of your arrogant foreign policy towards the Islamic State.”

ISIS, the Islamic terror army that has taken large portions of Iraq and Syria and threatens the entire region as well as areas elsewhere in the world, killed western journalist James Foley last month in a video that brought ISIS terrorism to America.

At the end of August Sotlof’s mother recorded a video pleading with the ISIS Muslims to release her son. Many idiots who pretend to be foreign policy and terror experts called her video “brilliant.”

These foolish nabobs imagined that Mrs. Sotlof made some valid points and cut those darn Muslim’s to the quick leaving them no logical choice but to fall to her proper reading of the Quran.

I said to this “brilliant” claim that it won’t matter one tiny bit to Muslims. They don’t listen to anything said by a westerner and there is no amount of “logic,” no measure of “proper” reading of Islam, that will make them suddenly realize the error of their ways.

In fact, here is exactly what I said on August 28 in the comment section of

There is nothing “brilliant” about it, sadly. Not a single Muslim on the planet will be shamed by it. In fact, this video is just an expression of weakness. It will do nothing for her kidnapped loved one.

Now we see that is true as that ISIS Muslim group has followed through with its threat to murder another western journalist and there is a third–this time a British citizen-waiting his turn to die the gruesome death of having his head sliced off while he is still living.

I won’t bother reporting any last words of these murder victims because they spoke under duress and nothing these poor folks say in the last seconds of life is meaningful. They are only spouting the lies put in their mouths by their captors.

But the words of their killers is Islam. Period. It isn’t any “warping,” it isn’t a garble, a misread, or a bastardization. It is Islam.

Meanwhile, our weakling president golfs, yucks it up at birthday parties, takes in jazz concerts, vacations, and attend fundraisers.

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