Maybe I need some help here.

You see, I’m writing a piece about Rotherham, a mid-size city in Yorkshire, UK. Over 1400 underage girls, mostly British, have been systematically abused there since 1997, mostly at the hands of Pakistani nationals who are a part of the city’s large immigrant community. The story exploded in the UK press this week as allegations that Rotherham authorities were fully aware of the abuse, yet declined to prosecute suspects for fear of being labeled “racists,” were splashed across front pages.

So here’s my problem. I go to the MSNBC website, to search for news stories about Rotherham. Seems like a good choice, right? The official news outlet of progressivism – feminism, gender equality, rape culture, the War on Women, etc. I mean, if you want a textbook example of a war on women, or of a real “rape culture,” this is it. But when I enter “Rotherham” into the MSNBC search engine, this is what I get:


El zippo. Nothing. Not a single return item in the search. I must be doing something wrong, because how could the official news outlet of progressivism fail to publish a single story about one of the the biggest rape and human trafficking occurrences in decades?

Or have I discovered something much more sinister? Like the fact that American progressive leadership simply doesn’t care about this story, because it conflicts with far too many of their sacred beliefs, and does nothing to help them achieve their most important goal, which is political victory over Republicans.

Come to think of it, have you seen any pouty-faced selfies of celebrities, or liberal news media figures, on social media this week holding signs that say things like #rotherham or #endthesilence?

After all the recent lectures from campus feminists about “rape culture,” where are the op-ed’s, blog entries, and talk show appearances discussing the Rotherham case, which is probably the most horrific example of “rape culture” in recent years? Young girls were groomed to sexually service middle age men, and routinely threatened with violence or death if they talked. Or their family members were threatened. Pakistani girls who were caught up in the abuse ring were urged by family members not to report the crimes to authorities, since this would bring shame upon the family. Surely any serious feminist would be eager to condemn such obvious examples of exploitation by the patriarchy.

But they haven’t.

At the heart of this story is political correctness, which seems to have completely confounded liberals by its strange mixed messages:

  • Fight the patriarchy – except when the patriarchy is embedded in a non-Western culture. Then the patriarchy must be respected and obeyed.
  • Women never lie about sexual abuse or rape – except when they are teenage white girls, and the aggressors are non-white. Then their claims can be dismissed as hysteria or outright lies.
  • Rape, sexual abuse, and human trafficking should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law – except when they involve black-on-white or brown-on-white crime. Then, prosecution would be equivalent to “racism.” Allegations are to be disbelieved, and the evidence buried.
  • Sexual abuse must always be reported – except when it might bring shame to your family or your community. Then it will be the victims who are actually the guilty parties, because shame is a much more serious offense than human trafficking or repeated sexual abuse.
  • Sexual abuse of underage girls is always a horrific crime – except when acknowledging it would prove inconvenient, and unintended consequences (pregnancy) can be quietly dealt with through abortion. How many videos have Lila Rose and others published, showing Planned Parenthood staff offering contraceptives to actors posing as 13 and 14 year old girls, and promising to never tell family members or authorities even when they are told that the male partner is in his twenties or thirties?
  • We need up-to-date registered sex offender databases – except when the offenders are members of racial/religious minority communities, where their offender status will be ignored and they will be welcomed back as respected members of the community.

The conclusion that we can draw from the Rotherham case is very straightforward: we, as a society, are still a LONG way from being able to successfully stop underage sexual abuse and human trafficking.

The ugly truths surrounding sexual abuse of adolescents by middle-age adults serve as a direct contradiction to the happy, carefree, youthful experimentation with sexuality that liberals want us to believe characterizes the typical teenager’s first experiences with sex. As a result, abusive relationships are covered up or ignored. And not just in Britain. It happens everywhere. There are a lot of dirty old men all around the world who are only too happy to exploit the reticence of liberals to give up their “Blue Lagoon” cultural fantasy of teenage sexuality, or their naive assumptions about the wholesomeness of non-Western cultures.

As long as progressives believe they are doing the truly right thing by refusing to tell family members or authorities about known instances of underage sexual abuse (in the name of sexual liberty) then abuse will continue. As long as Hollywood power brokers can continue to get away with sexual abuse of child actors and actresses, abuse will continue. As long as our culture continues to sexualize children at younger and younger ages, abuse will continue. And as long as we refuse to discuss cultural dysfunction and the culpability of religious leaders within those cultures because we are afraid of being labeled “racists” or “Islamophobes,” abuse will continue. All the hashtags and protests in the world are nothing but a waste of time.

And feminists, here’s what you can do. Instead of wasting your time harassing male college students and old men running for state legislatures, travel to Rotherham. Interview the girls whose lives have been shattered by a real rape culture. Get to know those who have become casualties in a decades-long war on defenseless young women. Break a few rules. Embarrass some powerful people. Reverse the stigmas. Fight the power. Question authority. Forget what you were taught, and learn from what you see and hear. Who knows? You might end up doing something that’s constructive for everyone.

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