Obama’s FBI’s Threat Matrix Excludes Islamic Terror

As Islam remains the biggest threat facing the world today, Obama’s feckless FBI has released a “threat assessment” report that doesn’t mention Islamic terror at all. According to Obama, it is white people who are the threat.

The FBI’s internal threat report claims that white supremacists, patriot militias, anti-abortion activists, and black separatists are the real threat.

But despite the Boston Marathon bombing, despite stories that some ISIS fighters in Iraq have been discovered to be American citizens, despite that the FBI itself has busted dozens of would-be home-grown Islamic terrorists, Obama’s FBI does not once mention in this report that there could be any Islamic terror threats inside the USA.

No, according to Obama’s FBI it is white people we have to fear. You know, despite that fact that almost no threats from such evil white people have ever occurred.

Meanwhile, millions of people across the world and inside the USA are being put at risk by Islamic terror every day.

If the FBI hadn’t “accidentally lost” the emails from the White House instructing it to make sure to ignore Islam in its report, we might find out about Obama’s directives on the matter, eh?

Seriously, though, without direct meddling from superiors in Obama’s regime, why else would the FBI completely ignore the threat of Islam like this? Islam is the major threat to every last human on the planet, Yet the FBI never mentions it once in a threat assessment?

I can’t imagine the FBI being this stupid without being told by the regime to ignore it.

But this is all of a piece with how Obama has run the security services. Story after story proves to us that Obama has systematically instructed our policing agencies to steer clear of calling Islam a danger to this nation and repeatedly we see groups like the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security claiming that it is patriotic, tea party-going, whites who are the real danger.

What we have here is the Democrat Party agenda and PCism forcing our security agencies to ignore the real threats we face. Worse, it is obvious that Obama has wiped 9/11 from the memory of those who are supposed to be keeping us all safe.

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