Moving to Canada? Good For Burger King

Liberals are aghast with the news that fast food giant Burger King might move its headquarters to Canada if it buys out the Canadian fast food chain Tim Hortons. Libs are mad that BK is doing this to skip out on paying America’s confiscatory taxes. Well, I say good for BK!

The accusation BK is facing from America’s capitalism-hating lefties is that by taking over Tim Hortons and moving its HQ to Canada, BK is skipping out on its patriotic duty to pay the American corporate tax rate–which happens to be the highest tax rate in the industrialized, western world.

First of all, it is nothing short of a crime that Canada… CANADA… has a lower corporate tax rate than the United States of America. That’s right, commie Canada has lower taxes and a better business climate than the country famously built on capitalism.

That fact right there shows that the left in the US is not only truly against every American principle but is also winning the political debate in the USA.

Anyway, the left is attacking BK for trying to take advantage of a thing called “tax inversion.” (For some info on that see a blog post by Nick Gillespie.)

But let me say here that no one should be surprised if people are of a mind to starve the US government of tax money. At this point, Washington so abuses its authority to tax, perpetrates so much fraud and waste in the expenditure, and has ranged so far away from legal, constitutional spending that it shouldn’t surprise anyone if many people might refuse to pay taxes.

Finally, let me say that I am usually not a big fan of BK. About the only item they make that I’ll eat is the regular chicken sandwich. But after this, if BK does really move to Canada, I may have to start eating there more.

Also, a word about Tim Hortons. We don’t have them in Chicago and the first time I ran into them was when I went to Vancouver a few years ago. And have since ran into them in several US airports such as Las Vegas, Minneapolis, and the like, I was as little impressed with its offerings as I am Bk’s. But, again, I may have to reassess.

Oh, and one more thing. This is yet another reason to understand that Democrats are the scum of the earth. They’ve made Canada… CANADA… better than the USA.

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