VP Finally Worth Someting: Man Beats Gun Charge With Joe Biden Defense

For the first time our clownish vice president, Joey Biden, was finally useful to someone in this nation when a Washington State man used the “Joe Biden” defense to get himself out of a gun charge.

Clark County, Washington prosecutors are now dropping a gun charge against a Vancouver man who fired his shotgun in the air to scare off three punks who were trying to break into his car outside his home.

The man, Jeffrey C. Barton, 53, invoked our idiot vice president when charged with a violation of the city’s “no-shooting zone” in July of 2013.

Barton maintained that he was following the advice of our national leader on what to do during a crime. If you’ll remember, in February of 2013, Biden was jawing about how Americans don’t need machine guns (something that is already basically illegal, anyway). Instead, Biden said, they should just fire their shotguns in the air to scare off criminals.

“I did what Joe Biden told me to do. I went outside and fired my shotgun in the air,” Barton insisted.

Well, now prosecutors in Clark County have seen that there is no way to counter that argument and have dropped the gun charges against Barton.

But, to show how capricious our government has become, Clark County Prosecutor Tony Golik is still desperately throwing false charges at Barton in an attempt to find something, anything that will stick. Now, instead of a gun charge, Barton is suddenly being charged with “obstructing a law enforcement officer,” a charge that was not invoked until now.

Barton and his law team pointed out that this is just a desperate attempt to justify the illicit arrest. “Tony Golik is desperately grasping at straws to keep his ass out of a civil suit, which he’s going to get anyway,” Barton said.

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