HuffPo ‘Reporter’ Stirs Race Hate in Ferguson

A Huffington Post “Justice Reporter”–whatever that means–named Ryan J. Reilly made himself look foolish twice in the same day as he “reported” on the unrest in Ferguson, Missouri this weekend and in one post even made the attempt to enflame racial strife.

The first time Reilly made himself look like a dunce in Ferguson is when he Tweeted a photo of some discarded orange ear plugs and asked his Twitter followers if they looked like “rubber bullets.”

This doofus didn’t just ask his followers if the ear plugs were rubber bullets, he stated his belief that they were rubber bullets.

OF course his Twitter followers quickly disabused him of the notion that these ear plugs were rubber bullets. He soon came back to the social media platform to issue a mea culpa saying, “I retract that suggestion, they are earplugs. Apologies.”

To his credit he hasn’t deleted the embarrassing Tweet that was so idiotic that even Drudge made fun of him over it.

But another Tweet he posted from Ferguson was more sinister.

Later in the day Reilly posted a photo of a truck he said belonged to a supporter of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson. The photo of the truck featured a bumper sticker of a Gadsen snake and the words “Don’t Tread On Me,” a phrase commonly associated with Tea Partiers today.

Reilly was reporting from a rally that was called to support the officer who was identified as have shot teenager Michael Brown last week.

There was but one reason to post this photo. It was meant to show that white, tea partiers support the officer… the message? Tea partiers are raaaaacist for opposing the protesters.

Worse, Reilly posted the photo showing the license plate on the truck. (Note I obscured the plate in my image of the Tweet posted above.)

Once again we see the extremism infused in those who claim to be reporters.

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