We Should Not Call Them The ‘Ruling Class,’ But the ‘Immunes’

In the bad old days when Kings reigned and the various classes of royalty vied for position the only danger for the “ruling class” was the fear that another member of their class might strike a blow against them. Unlike the lower classes, the rulers of antiquity were immune from the vagaries of life and out of reach of the law. In fact, there was no law. Unfortunately, we are headed right back in that scheme of life.

But one of the societal schemes that the founders of our country set about the task of destroying was that of the divine right of kings, the idea that royalty is subject to no earthly authority.

The founders wanted to create a society that allowed for social mobility among all citizens. They wanted a meritocracy where people could get ahead from the result of their own work and abilities. Above all they wanted a stable rule of law so that such stability could fuel growth.

For nearly 200 years their model worked admirably. But thanks to the drive toward communism starting at the end of the 1800s it appears that the founders’ societal invention has been destroyed.

The question for today is this: are we are living at the end of the American way of life? Has it been destroyed so badly that it is unable to be returned with the mere election of new leaders?

It is hard to deny that we are living in the resumption of a form of the divine right of kings. Only instead of families of royals ruling over us all we are seeing that right bestowed upon the ruling class ensconced in government.

From Lois Lerner, to Eric Holder, to the President himself and every manner of perfunctory government lackey below them, those in government are allowed to flaunt the “law” with impunity. They are rarely to be held accountable for their actions.

But, maybe the “ruling class” isn’t the best term of description? In truth they should be called the “immunes.”

These people who imagine they are born with the right to rule over you are immune. They are immune from want, immune from the rule of law, and immune from the consequences of their actions.

Today our socialist minders in government, those that pretend to be members of the Democrat Party as well as those who claim to be “Republicans,” are members of the immune class. It does not matter what they do. They are permanently wealthy, always the first with their hands in the public trough, and above the law.

If you vote for a Democrat, you are voting for the end of the United States of America in short order. The Democrat Party ceased being an American Party in the 1970s.

If, on the other hand, you vote for the GOP establishment, you are voting for the destruction of the USA at a speed a little less than immediately for the Republican Party stopped being an American Party in the 1990s.

Granted the GOP is the only party close to being able to be guided by voters and instilled with a more traditional, American ethos. But party powerplayers like John Boehner, Haley Barbour, Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell and the like are not interested in traditional American morals. They are interested in advancing their power over you, America. They hate the limited powers philosophy. Still, the GOP can still be affected by voters–but only just–unlike the Democrats who are a party fully sold out to European-styled communism and dedicated to destroying the country.

So, what is the solution? Well, I am all ears. I don’t have a solution. Worse, I don’t think there is one. We are today standing at the grave of the United States of America and collectively, with our votes, helping our ruling class, our “Immunes,” to erect the headstone.

Oh, sure the “United States” will continue to be called a country for some time to come. But it isn’t the constitutional republic with limited powers any longer. The Constitution has ceased to exist. The middle class will soon be wholly dead and there will be no more movement between the lower classes and the Immunes.

The whole concept of government created by the founders has been abandoned by our rapacious politicians. The Constitution has been thoroughly ignored. There is no stability of law because the law has become capricious. There is no more virtue in our Immune class.

Americans are the most generous, most charitable people in the history of humanity, certainly. But, that too will end–similarly, it doesn’t exist in Europe–as government becomes the beginning and end of our existence.

The rich will eventually jettison their noblesse oblige and set out to the feudal way of targeting other Immunes to jostle for position all the while bleeding the lower class to death.

And with even our local Johnny Law setting themselves up as a proto military force replete with tanks, bazookas, and an air force, there will be no chance even for an all American revolution. The Immunes have just about made revolt impossible and soon the people will be thoroughly walled off from the protected class.

This is how nations die. But America was a great nation, wasn’t it?

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