NASCAR Champ Tony Stewart Runs Over Kevin Ward Jr. In On Track Altercation


Normally when race car drivers get into altercations they do so in the pits. Late Saturday night reports started circulating from upstate New York that NASCAR star Tony Stewart had run over a competitor in a dirt track race. FoxSports 1 reports:

The Ontario County (N.Y.) Sheriff’s Department confirmed to late Saturday night that it is investigating an incident that occurred during a dirt-track race at Canandaigua (N.Y.) Motorsports Park, reportedly involving three-time NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart and another driver.

According to multiple unconfirmed reports, Stewart was involved in an on-track incident with 17-year-old driver Kevin Ward Jr., with Stewart’s car allegedly striking Ward after he got out of his car to confront Stewart about earlier contact between the two.

The condition of Kevin Ward Jr. is unknown, as id the legal status of Stewart. Expect to hear much more about this on Sunday.

Warning: The video below is of the actual incident and is disturbing.

Here’s a recent picture of Kevin Ward Jr. from his Facebook page.


Update: As suspected, but not confirmed late last night, Kevin Ward Jr. (who was 20 years-old not 17) died from his injuries at the scene. Sunday morning Stewart’s race team announced that he elected not to compete in Sunday’s NASCAR race. The incident is still being investigated by police, but they went out of their way to mention that at this point they they are investigating it as an accident, not a crime.

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