CDC Refusing to Divulge Where 6 Patients Tested for Ebola are in the US

On Tuesday, it was reported that the Centers for Disease Control had tested six patients across the nation for the Ebola virus. But, even as the CDC has admitted testing these six patients the agency is refusing to inform the nation about just where all those suspected cases of Ebola are located.

After some confusion on August 5 where reports seemed to indicate that there were six patients in New York being tested for Ebola, I revealed on Breitbart that, while the CDC did say there were six patients being tested, the agency didn’t locate them all in New York. It became clear that the initial stories were incorrect and that it wasn’t six in New York but six spread out across the country.

New York’s Mr. Sinai Hospital confirmed that one such patient was isolated there and New York health officials reiterated that the patient at Mt. Sinai was the only one in the state being tested for the Ebola virus.

Other reports found that another patient appeared in Ohio and a third in Maryland. But the whereabouts of the other three patients is still unknown.

Breitbart reached out to the CDC but the agency’s Director Public Affairs declined to report where the other patients tested for Ebola are located.

“The six previous tests were all negative and sporadic in time and place. Mount Sinai test still pending testing at CDC,” the public affairs director said to Breitbart in an email late on Tuesday night.

This means that somewhere in the country there are at least three patients whose symptoms alarmed healthcare providers enough to test them for Ebola but officials are thus far refusing to inform the nation on where these patients are located.

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