What Sympathy is Deserved for the ‘Palestinians’?

What real sympathy does Hamas, and by extension the “Palestinians,” deserve in this latest conflict with the self-defense employing Israelis? A simple review of the facts may convince that the answer to that is “not much.”

Firstly we have to dismiss two of the Palestinians’ major claims; that they live in an “apartheid” state and that Gaza is “occupied territory. Both are lies.

Israel is a democratic society and has duly elected Muslims in its government. There is no Jewish-sponsored “apartheid,” not in Israel nor in Gaza.

Secondly, the Israelis do not “occupy” Gaza. In fact, to satisfy international demands, Israel left Gaza years ago. When they left, they also left all infrastructure intact (in other words, they did not destroy buildings, roads, the power gird, etc.). Israel also provided materials for the so-called Palestinians to build new homes and helped them support their economy. But the fact is Israel left Gaza to the Palestinians to govern on their own. There is NO “occupation.”

So, what did the Palestinians do with their resources? Instead of building roads and homes they spent their resources building secret, underground tunnels into Israel in order to smuggle bombs and guns into the Jewish homeland for the purposes of killing Jews.

In fact, Hamas and the Palestinians used 800,000 tons of concrete to build their murder tunnels. It only took 110,000 tons of concrete to build Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest tower. Just imagine the infrastructure the Palis could have built if they hadn’t wasted their resources on their murder tunnels!

But what of the “Palestinian homeland,” you ask. Well, there is no such thing. There never has been. Palestine is a city, not a nation. There is no such thing as a “Palestinian.” Not historically and not contemporarily. There has never been any such people, no such “homeland,” and no such nationality.

Now, if our collective humanity agrees to allow these people to create a homeland, if that is a decision arrived at through diplomacy, then, sure, there will be such a thing as a Palestinian. But since that has not yet happened there currently is no such thing as any Palestinian.

OK, so all that being said, is the Israeli incursion into Gaza at all justified? Well, the truth is, for well over a decade, Israel has ignored tens of thousands of bomb-carrying rockets launched from Gaza into their cities. Israel has for years absorbed these rockets that have caused death and destruction in order to come in line with foreign expectations that Israel should negotiate with the Palestinians.

But while Israel has generally eschewed its own safety in favor of diplomacy, the so-called Palestinians have continued to build their murder tunnels, continued to fire rockets into Israel, continued to perpetrate kidnappings and murders of Israeli citizens, and continued to thumb its nose at peace.

Worse, every single action of these people is based on the vocal and never disavowed desire to kill all Jews and to eliminate the nation of Israel.

The problem is, the Palestinians begin their argument from an immoral position. They are in the wrong before they make their first diplomatic overture. With their original sin of Jewish genocide backing up their every move, everything they say afterward is a lie.

In light of all this, there is no logical way to blame Israel for its desire to invade Gaza with the single purpose of destroying the military capabilities of Hamas and the Palestinians.

It is solely a matter of self-defense. And they deserve the right for self-defense.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has promised to ignore the whiny international community and will continue the military engagement in Gaza to put an end to Hamas’ power base. As well he should.

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