Just Who is Paying the $10K Coyote Fees for Illegals to Get Here?

A recent interview with the human traffickers known as “coyotes” reveals that they charge from between $5,000 to $10,000 US per individual to be guided from Central America to our border only leave the illegal immigrants to their own devices to stream across the border to take advantage of Obama’s amnesty policies. But, are we expected to believe that the dirt poor–and often pre-teen children–are paying these fees? And if they aren’t, who is?

The interview initially published in Spanish by the Associated Press reports that the coyotes use some of the money to bribe various government officials along the way as well as to payoff members of the vicious drug cartels to allow passage. But the report also notes that most of the price tag is profit. (Here is the same article in English)

Blogger Fausta Rodríguez Wertz asks the salient question, here: “who’s paying for the current invasion?” It’s a good question. Wertz goes on to say, “are we supposed to believe that tens of thousands of Central America’s indigents” can suddenly could come up with enough money to pay these exorbitant fees?

It is a bit hard to believe that all these hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, including little kids, did, indeed, come up with ten grand each to be ushered into the US. And we most certainly cannot believe that the coyotes are foregoing their cut out of the kindness of their black little hearts, can we? So, they are certainly being paid.

So, who is doing it? Who is coming up with all this cash? Is it foreign governments? Is it our government?

It really is a good question, one to which I have not seen a good answer.

It’s all just one more question that leads us to believe we are really, really being lied to, here.

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