OPEN THREAD: Malaysian Airlines Plane May Have Been Shot Down, Ukrainian Officials Say; 295 Killed

Instead of writing a full post on this, I think it makes more sense to have an open thread. After all, we can’t say what happened yet and by the time we do a post will be a bit anti-climactic.

So, what are you guys hearing? Did the Russians do this? Russian separatists affiliated with Russia? Chechen terrorists?

Ukraine is saying the Russians did it. The Russians deny that, of course.

But Russia has been giving rockets and other arms to separatists attempting to topple Ukraine and allow Russian to walk in and take over. Maybe those aligned with Russia did this?

Now our feckless, linguini-spined President is shaking his fist and screaming that someone will have to pay… and we know he’ll do nothing like he always does.

Whatever the case, several hundred innocent civilians (including some American citizens) have lost their lives in this crash.

And in the meantime, Israel is launching a ground offensive against the in-human, murderous, Muslim scumbags that pretend at calling themselves “Palestinians.”

It’s a crazy world, isn’t it? What do you folks think?

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