Obama Cancels Free Speech in Nebraska

Free political speech is an American founding principle ensconced in our Constitution, this we know. It is seemingly born into most Americans at birth. Well, by Americans, we don’t mean liberals and proof of that is in Nebraska where Obama’s racist henchman Attorney General Eric Holder is seeking to prosecute someone–anyone–over a parade float that criticized his emperor.

In an Independence Day parade in Norfolk, Nebraska one of the floats was a bit of a jab at The One. It featured a pickup with an outhouse on the truck bed with signs reading “Presidential Library.” It also featured what many feel looks like a gaunt, African American figure with hands raised to its head, face in a frozen scream.

Was it a tasteless joke? Sure. Is it something that should bring the Justice Department of the United States down on someone’s head. Not even close.

But King Obama has sent his Eric the Sheriff of Nottingham out punish those who dare to attack his sovereign highness. Eric Holder is reportedly launching an official investigation into the creator of the parade entry, Dale Remmich.

For his part, Mr. Remmich disputes that the figure is intended to depict Obama. He says the figure is that on himself screaming because of the way Obama is handling the Veterans Affairs scandal.

But even if it were supposed to be Obama, this is no cause for the Eric “Stormtrooper” Holder to involve the US Dept. of Justice.

Even if it were an outright racist float and meant to be such, a parade float does not rise to such a level that would call for investigations by Washington–or anyone else, for that matter. It just doesn’t. We have free political speech in this country and that, as they say, is that.

But this episode says more about this tyrannical President than it says about one guy making an unsavory joke–or even a racist one–on a parade float.

This illegitimate president is a slap in the face to every single American principle we have. It’s no wonder the US Supreme Court has slapped him down in almost every case involving his abuse of power that has appeared before them.

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