Open Thread: Liberals Are Succeeding in Making Young People Less Patriotic

In keeping with our Independence Day weekend, here is an open thread and we’ll start out with a new survey that shows that liberals are succeeding in destroying the patriotism of young people.

This survey shows that young people are less likely to view the American Flag or images of Uncle Sam as something that makes them “feel good.”

They think that the ideas of “equality” and “opportunity” make them feel proud to be American.

Of course, “equality” as these deluded kids understand it is NOT an American ideal. Only equality under the law is an American ideal. “Equality” in and of itself is not American.

Kids today have been trained to think that leveling means “equality” when it does not.

This survey is proof positive that the left is undermining and destroying this country one school kid at a time.

Talk amongst yourselves with this open thread….

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