NARAL Board Member Urges Women to Have a Fu*K-In at Hobby Lobby For Revenge

Like every other liberal, a board member of the notorious infanticide group NARAL has proven she hasn’t a clue what the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling means by jumping to Twitter to suggest that women should have sex “in the glitter aisle” of every Hobby Lobby craft store in revenge for the ruling she neither likes nor understands.

NARAL board member Jessica Valenti displayed her ignorance for all to see with a June 30 Tweet saying, “Maybe women should organize a safe-sex fuck-in at every Hobby Lobby across the country. In the glitter aisle. JUST A THOUGHT.”

First of all it is pretty arrogant for her to claim she has the capability of having “a thought,” but I digress…

As notes, Valenti was once a blogger for the mass baby murder advocates but has now become a board member.

This ignoramus, though, is typical of the hyperventilating left that seems wholly resistant to facts. The fact is that the Supreme Court did nothing at all to “prevent” women from getting contraceptives, not at Hobby Lobby or any other corporation.

The truth is the company already allows for 16 different types of contraception in its health insurance plans and was not petitioning the court to be allowed to drop any of that coverage. The only contraceptives that the company wanted to opt out from having to pay for were abortifacient contraceptives, like the “morning after pill,” that necessarily mean killing potential life. This, they maintained, was against their religious beliefs.

Secondly, just because Hobby Lobby employees will now find that their insurance won’t pay for such drugs, no one is saying they can’t buy them on their own.

The fact is not one women in the country is being prevented from access to any contraception due to this SCOTUS decision. None. Zip, zero, nada.

And any liberal that says that this decision has made women a “second class citizen,” said they “losing” their rights, or said that their health is put in danger are liars. Plain and simple, liars.

This idiot NARAL chick, though, is quite typical of the left, sadly. They are twisting the SCOTUS ruling to serve their cheap political needs and lying to their followers.

Or, like Jessica Valenti, they are just to blind and stupid to understand the truth.

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