Congressman Cummings Hated the IRS Before Obama, Suddenly He Loves It

In a perfect example of the partisan lies uttered by Democrats, back in 1998 and ’99, Congressman Elijah Cummings (D, MD) was quoted ripping the IRS every way but Sunday. He hated the agency and thought it a corrupt mess. But now that Obama is in charge and his IRS is under suspicion of criminality, suddenly Cummings is singing the IRS’ praises.

Back in the 90s, Cummings was caught by the IRS with tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes. He was also mired in major financial improprieties.

Back in 1997, Cummings was telling the media that the agency was a threat to the people and said that the IRS was a “horror story” to the rest of us..

“All of us pay taxes,” Cummings said. “Many of us share a paralyzing fear that we have made a mistake when we file our tax return by the April deadline. We have all heard the horror stories of the dreaded audit or the mistake made by the IRS and the years it took to fix it.”

Yet, today, because his president is under the gun with an IRS acting like a true criminal enterprise, suddenly Cummings is furious that the IRS would ever be questioned and all apologetic to the jackbooted thugs that run the agency.

Now we see that all Cummings’ hate for the IRS in the 1990s was feigned… or his love for it now is…. but, really, what does it matter? For the truth is that he is a liar one way or the other. but for sure his feigned and sudden effusive love for the IRS is nothing but politics.

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