Hillary’s Book A Monumental Flop

Well, the stats are in and it is looking like Hillary’s book is such a flop that the publisher won’t even recoup the upfront money they doled out to her to “write” the thing.

In the book’s first week sales were not horrible, still they were nothing to get excited about. But by week two sales cratered and now it looks like “flop” is written all over this door stop. Sales fell by a whooping 43 percent in week two.

According to Becket Adams, “Excluding digital purchases, only 85,721 copies of Hard Choices sold in the book’s first week, and only 48,227 copies sold in its second week, according to Nielsen numbers.”

With that tumble, The New York Times reports, “The second-week figures also increase the likelihood that Simon & Schuster will not sell enough books to make up for Mrs. Clinton’s advance, said a publishing executive who did not want to speak on the record about a competitor’s book.”

Some estimate that Hillary was given a hefty $14 million in upfront cash for her newest ghost written book. So, it looks like Simon & Schuster stands to lose millions of dollars with this bad deal!

All this despite the full court press that the media gave Hillary as free advertising for her big launch.

We call this a belly flop of a failure, folks.

One might recall a previous book she “wrote” titled It Takes a Village. I say “wrote” because Hillary didn’t write a word of it. The book was ghost written by an author named Barbara Feinman–not that Hillary wanted anyone to know that.

Anyway, it is tempting to say that this is a hint that people don’t love Hillary as much as Hillary (and her lapdogs in the media) assume they do. But I won’t go that far.

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