With Thad Cochran it’s Time to Think Long Term About Destroying the GOP

The tea party movement is often accused of not thinking long term. In many cases this is probably a true accusation because most tea partiers think an election is a goal in and of itself. But with the underhanded, anti-conservative, un-American tactics of the GOP establishment that gave Thad Cochran a primary win in Mississippi, it is obviously time for the tea party to start planning the destruction of the GOP establishment.

Thad Cochran and his patrons allied with former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour did not run an honorable campaign. In the waning days of their campaign it was their strategy to lie about conservatives, throw the race card and scare vulnerable black voters with tales that the KKK would swoop down upon them if Cochran’s tea party opponent won the primary, dole out cash to voters for their vote, and tell them Cochran would increase free food stamps for them if they crossed over and voted in the GOP primary.

In short Haley Barbour and the senile Cochran perpetrated every low down, Democrat-styled trick to destroy a true conservative candidate just so they could remain in power. These so-called Republicans purposefully disenfranchised tens of thousands of Republican voters.

As John Hawkins put it

The cost of that victory was the integrity, personal honor and reputations of prominent Cochran supporters like Haley Barbour, Karl Rove, Mitch McConnell, John McCain and the NRSC, who were all undoubtedly congratulating each other on their sleazy victory last night, while today they’ll begin to try to distance themselves from the dishonorable conduct they winked at during the campaign. We may never know which of them was ultimately responsible for smearing Tea Partiers as racists or centering the run-off campaign around getting Democrats to vote in a GOP campaign. But what we do know is that if Haley Barbour, Karl Rove, John McCain or the NRSC found it unacceptable, they could have put their foot down and demanded the campaign put a stop to it. None of them did because they were just fine with using those sort of tactics to defeat grassroots conservatives.

So, it is now 100 percent clear that the Republican Party is merely the “outer defenses” for the Democrat Party, not an opposing party that wants to see the Democrats put out of power.

These days Mississippi is a very Republican friendly state, so we have an opportunity to really destroy a segment of the GOP establishment and replace them with actual conservatives.

So, I think our first step in this long-term goal is to have every conservative in Miss. vote for Cochran’s Democrat opponent and make sure that Cochran is defeated in his re-election bid.

Getting rid of Cochran and his benefactor Barbour is more important to the conservative cause than re-electing Cochran to avoid a few years with a Democrat in office from Miss. (remember, we are talking long term, here).

Next, spend that time building the movement to counter Barbour and his race baiting, big government machine by electing more conservatives to the state legislature and any other federal office that comes to hand.

Miss. must begin electing actual Republicans not wool-wearing, Miss. Democrats masquerading as Republicans.

Don’t give me all this guff about *BUT WINNING* because if we are winning with Arlen Spector-Mark Kirk-Thad Cochran-John Boehner Democrats dressed as Republicans then we aren’t winning anything at all.

Yes, I am saying we need to either turn the GOP into the next Whig Party, or take it over by destroying the current big government powermongers.

Excuse my Mark Levin, but it is becoming crystal clear that the GOP is the more immediate enemy to the conservatism than are the Democrats.

We can actually win a battle with the establishment GOPers in Miss. so that we can go on to the war with the Dems. You can’t breach the city walls without first taking out the outer defenses and the purpose of the GOP establishment is obviously to be the outer defenses for the Democrat establishment. The GOP acts as the protectors of socialist, left-wing Democrat policies.

Yes, this means that there may be an intervening time when we are out of power. Yes, it may even mean keeping the insane, anti-American Harry Reid in power over the Senate for a bit longer. But all that would be temporary if we could rebuild the GOP with conservatism at its core instead of left-wing, big government policies driving the bus.

Yes, this is a long-term plan and it may mean some pain in the short term. But the GOP has proven to be an enemy. It must be destroyed from within and rebuilt. And if we can’t start this nation-wide take over of the GOP in Mississippi (or other current GOP strongholds) we won’t ever be able to do it.

Why won’t we ever be able to? Because the GOP establishment plays hardball, they play for exclusive power, power they will never share with conservatives, and they’d rather lose and let a Democrat win than side with conservatives. Sadly, they only play hardball when trying to defeat conservatives. As a rule, the GOP suddenly turns spineless when it comes to battling Democrats.

Republicans consider traditional Americans an enemy that needs to be vanquished. It’s time we returned the sentiment.

Now is the time to completely sideline the GOP establishment. If we don’t start now, we may as well understand that the USA is over, finished, a Euroized mess that will never again be the power it was. We will forever cease being the light unto the world–a goal that Obama and the Democrats dearly wish to achieve.

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