Wizblab Open Tread Starter: On Sending Troops to Our Southern Borders


But for a starter…

Now even Speaker of the House John Boehner says that we need to send National Guard troops to our southern borders to stop the tens of thousands of disease-laden, illegal aliens from swamping over the border like a tsunami.

So how DO we stop the teeming millions from coming here? Obama is enticing these people with advertisements in central and south America telling those ignorant, unschooled least desirable people that if they come here Uncle Sugar Sam will give them a living and let them vote Democrat, so it isn’t surprising that they are coming. They all think Sugar Daddy Obama is going to make them sudden “Americans” and they’ll live for free for the rest of their lives.

(Edit to add: As I re-read what I posted in that paragraph above, I see it wasn’t snarky enough to convey what I meant. So, I was being flippant with the above.I didn’t mean to state as “fact” that Obama himself is advertising for illegals to come here. But there have been campaigns spreading in Central America doing just that. I want to be clear, though, that I am not saying Obama did this. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did through back door deals, but I am NOT saying for a fact that he did.)

How do we prevent our Eurocrat politicians who claim to be Americans from setting up a permanent underclass that will never be able to step up into the next class as Americans have traditionally done? How do we prevent a permanent class of the indigent with voting rights that will be cajoled to keep corrupt Democrats in power in perpetuity?

So, what say you, Wizbangers? Should we seal the borders with our troops?

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