Wizblab Open Thread Starter: Obama’s Best Effort to Erase U.S. Borders Succeeding

Welcome to the Wizblab open thread.

To start you out…

Thousands of young teens from Mexico and Central and South America are streaming across our southern border because Obama has signaled with his pandering to the growing Hispanic population here in the U.S. that amnesty is just on the verge of being doled out to criminals and lawbreakers everywhere.

Most of these jobless, skill-free kids with no education, no prospects, and rife with disease are coming here without any parents, too, expecting that as soon as King Barack decrees them to be sudden “Americans” they can then bring in their dozens of family members here.

This President is surging ahead with his goal to destroy this country because he realizes he only has a few years left to do so. This is just one more weapon at his disposal and he’s deploying it with gusto.

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