For the children?

States along the US-Mexico border are now dealing with a very serious and heartbreaking situation – tens of thousands of children crossing the border illegally.  Some travel with their mothers, but many are traveling alone.  The situation is turning into a humanitarian crisis as US authorities struggle to find places to feed and house them.

Although the overall trend of illegal immigration has dropped in recent years, the authorities have been overwhelmed in recent months by the surge in children trying to cross the border. The federal government is establishing facilities at military bases in Texas and California to help house the children while their cases are being examined. The administration estimates that the influx of immigrant children could cost the federal government $2.28bn this year.

“The children that are arriving are a particularly vulnerable group,” Alejandro Mayorkas, deputy secretary of homeland security, said last week. “They have often survived a hazardous journey to have arrived here.”  Cecilia Muñoz, director of the White House domestic policy council, said that some of the influx may have been caused by a false rumour in some countries that children would be allowed to stay in the US.

The current situation is exacerbated by the fact that a significant number of these children are from Central and South America.  They cannot simply be driven back across the Mexican border.  Instead, they become wards of the US government.

We also know that there is a lot more going on than “rumors.”  Immigrants say that official news reports in Guatemala and elsewhere encourage immigration to America.  America’s borders are open to all families, with mothers and small children receiving bus tickets at the border to the destination of their choice, is what one immigrant told Channel 5 News in McAllen, TX.

Given that the news media in Central and South America is largely state controlled, it seems unlikely that such reports are an accident.

Indeed, over the last two decades the Democratic Party has engaged in activities that look a lot like battle space preparation for a deliberately engineered mass influx of poor Mestizo and Indio immigrants:

  • A concerted effort to hamper any effort to require immigrants to become proficient in English
  • Tacit – or in some cases outright – support of nationalist and race-based Hispanic political movements
  • Support of “motor-voter” laws that would allow anyone applying for a driver’s license to also register to vote, with no proof of citizenship required
  • Strong opposition to any law requiring voters to provide ID or proof of citizenship at the polls
  • A heavy-handed propaganda effort designed to convince Hispanic immigrants that the Republican party is the American equivalent of the mostly white political oligarchies that control the wealth and power in Latin America
  • Implicit and explicit messages from President Obama and AG Eric Holder stating that when US immigration laws are believed to interfere with individual rights, they can be ignored

And now we learn that Latin American countries are openly encouraging women and children to illegally cross the border into the US.  When you connect all the dots, you have to wonder – is the Obama Administration attempting to use the infamous “Cloward-Piven strategy” to deliberately break the current US immigration system?  Are they precipitating a crisis that can only be “fixed” by a largely Democrat-designed “comprehensive immigration reform” plan?

And are we witnessing an attempt to shift the fundamental values of the American working class by introducing a huge number of foreign-born laborers who would probably be very receptive to the guaranteed protections of labor unions, and to government “fairness” programs based on redistribution of wealth?

What bothers me the most about this situation is that women and children are being used as pawns in this political game.  Liberals claim to be deeply concerned about human trafficking, but they don’t seem to realize that when they encourage illegal immigration, they are encouraging things like this:

Bercian Diaz said they endured harassment in Tampico. She said members of the Zetas drug cartel tried to kidnap them.

“They chased us to kidnap us to request for ransom,” Bercian Diaz said.

She said they barely escaped.

Bercian Diaz said they found corruption in the Mexican government.

“They were asking for 500 pesos, 600 pesos. The federals took that money from us,” she said.

She said the Mexican federal police and immigration officers asked for money to “turn the other way.”

“The immigration officers took 1,500 pesos,” Bercian Diaz said.

She said the threat of rape and kidnapping haunted them every day.

But I guess if you want to cook up a grand progressive social justice omelet, you’ve got to break a few eggs, right?  Women and children are probably the easiest to break.  And the easiest to transform into a crisis.

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