Koch Brothers Donate $25 Mil to United Negro College Fund, Liberals Lose Their Tiny Minds… and Wizblab Open Tread

So, the dreaded Koch brothers, who leftists hypocritically attack while giving unions and foreigner George Soros a pass, donated $25 million buckaroos to the United Negro College fund. Predictably, the anti-American left lost its tiny little collective mind.

The libertarian-minded billionaires made their donation, but libs couldn’t stand the idea of black people getting funds for education, I guess.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

Meanwhile, irate liberals took to Twitter to denounce the UNCF donation, just as they protested a New York City hospital for taking a $100 million donation from David Koch. It is not immediately clear why these people hate the idea of providing scholarships to African-American students.

Then the Beacon followed that with a slew of hate-filled Tweets from hate-filled liberal cretins.

It is a good question, though. Why are liberals against blacks getting an education?

Anyway, I was gone Friday and Saturday, so consider this the open thread for the week.

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