Now Obama Is Coming for Your Cigars, America

Obama’s Food and Drug Administration is targeting your cigars, America, and if you are a cigar lover you’d better pay attention because if Obama gets his way costs will soar.

The USFDA is proposing a whole slew of new regulations changing the way the government treats cigars, one if which is to outlaw cigar sales over the Internet.

There are some other onerous and downright absurd regulations being proposed, too.

In one case, Obama plans to make it illegal to have walk-in humidors at your local cigar shop.

Another, extremely costly regulation would force cigar importers to submit tobacco mixtures and cigar samples to the FDA for testing. This sort of testing requirements would cost the cigar importing and manufacturing industry billions per year and would make your costs soar.

Obama also plans to restrict cigar advertising, and ban or severley restrict the sale of flavored tobaccos.

Currently both the House and the Senate are considering legislation to put a stop to the FDA’s power grab.

In the House of Representatives, Republicans have submitted House Resolution 792, introduced by Florida Rep. Bill Posey. This one is currently in the House Subcommittee on Health.

Senator Bill Nelson introduced Senate Bill 772 which is also still in committee–the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions.

Both bills essentially exempt cigars from FDA regulation.

But, folks, if these fail and Obama’s power grab succeeds, it will be yet another freedom lost to this power mad President and his nanny state octopus.

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