No Coverage: MSNBC Ignores Growing Veterans Admin Scandal

MSNBC doesn’t appear to care about our nation’s beleaguered veterans in this mounting medical care scandal. Only one of the left-wing cable network’s prime-time hosts have covered the scandalous treatment of our sick vets and then only once.

The developing scandal has revealed that thousands of veterans have been put on secret wait lists and denied healthcare while VA hospital administrators lie about having done so in order for doctors and administrators to get government bonuses. Many veterans have died while awaiting medical treatment and these months-long wait times only foreshadow what will happen to all of us as Obamacare’s horrid tentacles force its way into our national healthcare system.

But MSNBC doesn’t seem at all interested in news that doesn’t fit its extreme, blindly left-wing bias. The network is completely ignoring the story, even though one administration official has already “resigned” because of the whole thing.

The only MSNBCer who has said a single word about the scandal is Rachel Maddow who reported on it only once on May 16 and that was before an Obama administration official resigned.

And yet, as TruthRevolt notes, even as the so-called news network has utterly ignored the growing-by-the-day scandal, all of these left-wing TV gabshow hosts are still talking about Chris Christie’s bridge controversy.

One would think a petty political story like the bridge story would be far less interesting than a scandal in which veterans died due to lack of medical care, right?

Ah, but this true story, this scandal that has taken the lives of sick veterans, this story makes the Obama administration look bad, so that means MSNBC isn’t interested. They only report what makes Obama look good. They only “report” propaganda.

As I noted, the scandal has already cost the Obama administration one executive as the undersecretary of health at the Department of Veterans of Affairs, David Petzel, has been “fired” by VA chief Eric Shinseki. Not that MSNBC is interested.

Petzel was scheduled to quit sometime this year anyway, but due to the scandal, Shinseki relieved him suddenly last week. Though Shinseki didn’t specifically say that Petzel was being let go immediately because of this wait list scandal, media and other administration spokesmen are painting the removal as a “firing” due to the scandal.

Disgustingly, Petzel’s announced replacement is just as mired in this scandal–maybe moreso–than his predecessor.

The announced replacement, Dr. Jeffrey Murawsky, is also tied to the very scandal that has led to Petzel’s “resignation.” Murawsky, ABC News reports, “is currently the network director–effectively the CEO–of the VA region that includes the Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital in Chicago. Before he moved up the VA hierarchy, he worked as a manager at the hospital.”

Hines Hospital is one of the hospitals involved in the scandal.

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