Union Places Own Interests Above That of Members

When one thinks about unions, one usually assumes that it is an organization geared toward guarding the interests of its members, the average, every day worker. But in Michigan that notion seems almost quaint. No, in Michigan, the unions are guarding the interests of union bigwigs and actually dealing away the benefits of members to keep the unions toughs in clover.

Union thugs in the Wyoming Public Schools district near Grand Rapids, Michigan, has negotiated away up to $12,700 in annual salary and benefits for teachers just so it can try and keep a provision in the contract that allows the union to forcibly withhold dues money out of teachers paychecks as a mandatory condition of employment–a provision that now stands contrary to state law, by the way.

The union negotiated with the district to keep this now illegal mandate so that it could be sure to get its own money upfront. And even as the union is trying to protect itself, the union has screwed the teachers by giving away thousands of dollars of their livelihood.

How’s that for guarding their own personal interests while double dealing their own members?

According to CapitolConfidential:

“The Kent County Education Association wanted the district to leave language in the contract that says if a teacher fails to pay dues or fees to the union, the district would begin “involuntary payroll deductions.” In return, the union gave up paid leave days and altered the salary schedule by as much as $12,700 a year in some instances, Lewis said.”

Of course, Michigan’s new right-to-work law makes the automatic withdrawal of dues actually illegal. Another law prevents school districts and the state from withholding dues from teachers’ paychecks.

Ultimately, this contract provision is unenforceable, yet the union has given away thousands of its members compensation in a desperate attempt to guard the interests of union big wigs that want to make sure their own salaries are paid first and foremost.

“This clearly shows that the union doesn’t care what is best for the teachers but what is best for the union,” said Audrey Spalding, education policy director for the Mackinac Center. “They gave up thousands of dollars per employee for unenforceable language.”

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