An Historic Day in Major League Sports

On Saturday, President Obama called to congratulate new NFL draftee Michael Sam.  It was an historic event; in fact, I can find no news stories about a Presidential phone call to any NFL draft pick prior to this.  (The President customarily congratulates winners of the Super Bowl.)  So Michael Sam must be an extraordinary athlete.

Reading the news stories about Michael Sam, we see that he was drafted … 249th?  In the seventh round?  The 8th to the last player to be drafted?  That he utterly failed to impress NFL talent scouts?

What gives?

Oh, I see it now – he is openly gay.  Makes perfect sense.  An athlete whose NFL draft status would never have made news had he been straight (or better yet, white and straight) suddenly merits national headlines for two days and a special congratulatory phone call from Barack Obama, all because of his sexual orientation.

Remind me again why gays and lesbians still routinely claim that they are the victims of systemic oppression …

Of course now that Sam has been drafted (surely under pressure by the NFL, to avoid a guaranteed shit-storm from the LGBT mafia) the question is, how will he play?  Can he be judged solely on his merits as a player, or will he always be a martyr for the LGBT cause, with the cloud of “homophobia” hanging over every decision that the St. Louis Rams or the NFL make about him?  Is it good for the NFL if a player’s sexual orientation ends up being the primary factor in determining his rank in the team’s depth chart, or whether the team decides to retain him for another season?

And finally, what do we make of the fact that mocking Tim Tebow was all the rage during the past three years, but disparaging Michael Sam will earn you a rebuke from your team, a fine, and a stint in sensitivity training?


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