Sunday open thread #2 – Oklahoma’s new monument to Satan?

Remember when I said that Oklahoma only gets national press coverage when the news is bad or strange?  Here’s an odd one …

Oklahoma State Rep. Mike Ritze decided that Oklahoma needed a monument to the Ten Commandments on the state capitol grounds.  His family donated $10,000 to fund the project, and Ritze introduced a bill to provide for the installation of the monument.  Two years ago the monument was erected – complete with an embarrassing spelling error.

Of course the ACLU wasted no time challenging the legality of the monument.  But even the venerable ACLU was outfoxed by the New York-based Satanic Temple, which announced plans to erect a bronze statue of Baphomet being adored by two children.  Crowd funding raised over $25,000 to fund the project.

Last week, the group revealed the clay model for the statue.  They plan on placing it next to the Ten Commandments monument on the Oklahoma state capitol grounds.  Hopefully they will check the accompanying plaque for spelling errors.

When I think about this, the first phrase that pops into my mind is “attention whores.”

What do you think?

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