So, Now What Wizbangers?

Oh, where, oh, where do we go from here?

So, I know that I was a late addition to this site and that I came in after several of your favorite posters had given up the ghost and quit posting here at the site. So, I understand that I am not a favorite. On the other hand, I have been reliable nearly every single day for at least two years, now. So, it sortta feels that I have some standing to ask the question I have here.

Like many of you, of course, I wish there were a few more fellers adding their thoughts as featured bloggers here, too. I don’t relish being the sole poster and never had any intention that Wizbang would become “Wizbang, starring Warner Todd Huston.”

But, I have been at this for a long time (I first started blogging in 2001 just before the Twin Towers fell), so writing has become an every day thing for me. Plus I do this for a living so my life is now geared toward writing. It has become a way of life so it is easy for me to write a a piece every day that I can put here and my own site,

Let’s face, it, though, blogging is a very hard thing to keep rolling. It seems that few bloggers have more than 5 or 6 years in them before their enthusiasm starts waning. Many more only make 2 or 3 before they check out of the digital universe. It has to be realized that blogging isn’t merely like work, it IS work.

Not only is it hard for people to stay at it, at some point most come to that common question: WHY!? Why do they do it. Why put themselves on the line for constant ridicule, name calling, attacks on their intelligence, and general hate by blogging every darn day? And since there usually ain’t no money in it (99.9% of the people who blog never make a penny) it is very, very easy to get to a place where they wonder why they are knocking themselves out doing it.

Anyway, like I said, it is different for me for the most part. It really isn’t that hard for me to write and I am more than happy to keep doing so.

However, Sunday made me wonder if I should bother staying here?

So, I guess I am looking for a sort of Wizbang plebiscite.

I am not looking for praise or validation. Just a direction. So, tell me in just one word:

Should I continue posting?




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