Church Wastes $22K On Metal ‘Homeless Jesus’ Statue Instead of Homeless

According to the Bible Jesus was always very concerned with the homeless, the destitute, the poor, the least cared for, wasn’t he? So, shouldn’t his churches echo that worry? OK, so let’s take that as a given as we discuss the actions of an Episcopal Church in North Carolina that wasted $22,000 on a metal statue of a “homeless Jesus” to make a political statement instead of spending that money on, well, you know, the homeless.

St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Davidson, North Carolina, installed a stature it is calling a “homeless Jesus” on its property. It is a figure huddled in a blanket and laying sideways on a bench outside the church. The figure is almost entirely wrapped in its bronze blanket and the only way one can tell it is Jesus is a close inspection of the hands and feet where one can see signs of the holes from his crucifixion nails.

The so-called “Homeless Jesus” statue.

The leftist rector of St. Alban’s, Reverend David Buck, essentially admitted that the whole thing is a political stunt meant to further his and his flock’s left wing ideas.

“It gives authenticity to our church,” he told NPR. “This is a relatively affluent church, to be honest, and we need to be reminded ourselves that our faith expresses itself in active concern for the marginalized of society.”

Now, most lefties get their panties n a bunch when people use Jesus for a political purpose. But, then again, that anger is only directed at people right of center who do so, apparently.

As NPR reported:

The sculpture is intended as a visual translation of the passage in the Book of Matthew, in which Jesus tells his disciples, “as you did it to one of the least of my brothers, you did it to me.” Moreover, Buck says, it’s a good Bible lesson for those used to seeing Jesus depicted in traditional religious art as the Christ of glory, enthroned in finery.

“We believe that that’s the kind of life Jesus had,” Buck says. “He was, in essence, a homeless person.”

So, to push this political agenda, the church spent its $22,000 paid out to Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz. This Schmalzy statue is nothing but politics all the way through.

So, why did this Church waste so much money that could have feed or housed some homeless people like that? Because their left-wing politics are far, far more important than any ol’ thing Jesus cared about.

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