Hilarious Jay Carney Photoshop Fail

Unbelievable. A puff piece on White House Press Secretary Jay Carney and his wife, ABC News reporter Claire Shipman in the decadent DC social rag Washingtonian contains a Photoshop disaster so bad it could have been done by the Iranian military.


Ironically, one of the questions published in the article asks Shipman to name the books on her nightstand.  Her response?  “I always have a pile. I hate to be without books. Knowing I have a bunch makes me happy. A good book and a good chocolate bar!”  She must have forgotten to mention any spare pinkies they might have lying around.

And yes, in today’s world it’s a perfectly normal, “nothing to see here” event for the White House Press Secretary to be married to a mainstream media news reporter.

Also worth noting is another photo that clearly shows two Soviet-era propaganda posters hanging in their family living area.  And, wait – go back … is that Gorbachev’s head sitting on that horribly Photoshopped bookshelf?


Yeah, I’m thinking Obama picked the right guy to head his Ministry of Truth.

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