Michigan Muslims Upset Over Christian Church’s Easter Egg Hunt

Remember, liberals say that we need to be “tolerant” of Muslims in the U.S. because, gosh darn it, they are Americans just like you and me. While you are remembering that, Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan are trying to oppress a local Christian Church because it is hosting an Easter egg hunt. Proof that Muslims are just as American and tolerant as you and me.

As it happens, Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church sent a bunch of fliers about their secular Easter egg hunt to a local school district as an out reach effort into the community. The church says that the event is just a community event and does not feature any religious content.

The flier features images of Easter eggs and an Easter bunny. Naturally Muslims in Dearborn are furious and want to behead someone over the matter. OK, maybe just figuratively–for now–as they want to know who in the school district allowed the Church’s flier to be handed out to kids.

They will wait until they get in charge to begin the literal beheadings, of course.

Anyway, the Muslims claim that handing out the fliers is some sort of violation of Church and State–says people who want their church to become the state.

“It really bothered my two kids,” parent Majed Moughni said. “My son was like, ‘Dad, I really don’t feel comfortable getting these flyers, telling me to go to church. I thought churches are not supposed to mix with schools.'”

I’ll guarantee Majed Moughni is a liar and that his son said no such thing.

The church, though, denies that there could possibly be any church-state issue.

“Part of our ministry in Dearborn is to invite the community to let them know we’re here,” Pastor Neeta Nichols said. “We’re offering various kinds of programming, fun opportunities, so what we can be engaged with the community.”

This is obviously no violation of church and state policies. But it is an example of the hate and intolerance of Muslims.

By the way, Mr. Moughni, it is freedom OF religion, not freedom from it.

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