Democrat Hypocrisy: Attacking Political Advocate Spending…. Unless They’re Unions

Democrats in New York once again prove that their bleating against money in politics is a lie with a new law that forces more campaign finance disclosure for everyone (read Republicans) except for union. Yes, while others are being forced to more disclosure, unions are being allowed to hide more campaign expenditures.

By exempting left-wing, Democrat-old Union donors, this is proof once again that Democrats don’t want money out of politics, they only want Republican money out of politics.

In New York, the state legislature passed a state budget that requires more disclosure of spending on issues and advocacy (outside elections) for everyone… except unions, naturally.

As Craine’s New York reported, “Spending by labor unions on campaign messages targeting their members and union retirees will remain exempt from disclosure under the state law…”

“On balance,” Crain’s wrote, “the move is likely to help labor unions. For instance, in last year’s city elections the health care workers union 1199 SEIU, which spent heavily to support Mayor Bill de Blasio, did not have to disclose much of its outlays.”

Naturally Big Labor spends billions across the country on local, state, and federal elections and millions in New York, but Democrats in Albany have made sure their patrons are exempt from transparency in campaign finance laws they want to impose on others. And since unions only spend on Democrats, what we see is Democrats exempting their own big-time financiers while forcing their opponents to more onerous regulations.

It is clear that these regulations are meant to harass donors that Democrats don’t like. The simple matter of fact is that Democrats are liars when they say they are against money in politics. The only money in politics thy are against is the money Republicans get.

(H/T Mental Recession)

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