Green Stormtroopers to Invade Private Homes to Ensure Green Compliance

Greenism is not only a religious principle it is also a fascist, authoritarian ideal and greenies in Germany are finally revealing the black soul of greenism by proposing a law that would give the state the power to forcibly enter a person’s home to ensure they are in compliance with green rules.

The city of Bremen, in northern Germany near the North Sea just west of Hamburg, is so keyed up to push its left-wing envrio-Nazi regulations that it has outlawed residents from having electric heaters. But the jackbooted enviros aren’t going to stop at a mere banning of the heaters. To make sure the lowly people have complied with the ban, greenists in Bremen want to give police the power to enter a home without a warrant to make sure that home owners or apartment dwellers have abided by the rule and gotten rid of their evil, evil electric space heaters.

As the Germany website Liberal Magazine reports, “The proposed law by Environment Senator Joachim Lohse foresees a system of monitoring that allows for detection of violations and punishment. According to the Weser-Kurier daily, officials would ‘in carrying out the duties of their office, tread upon private property and enter private buildings.’ Here Lohse is creating nothing less than an environment police.”

Now, this whole idea runs contrary to Article 13 of the German Constitution which holds that the people have an “inviolability” of their homes and that the state cannot just come stormtrooping through private property whenever they get a hankering to get its thug on.

As Article 13 is called the “Inviolability of the home” article, it maintains that “the home is inviolable” and details the ways and reasons authorities may enter.

“Searches may be authorized only by a judge or, when time is of the essence, by other authorities designated by the laws, and may be carried out only in the manner therein prescribed,” the article states.

The article does stipulate that a home can be entered if the homeowner has “committed an especially serious crime.”

So, what we are seeing is that greenies have decided that an electric space heater is an “especially serious crime,” apparently.

But that is just the way with these authoritarian, fascist environmental wackos. They see no reason that any law, any silly old ideas of freedom or liberty, should keep them from enforcing their fascist ideas.

This is the black heart of greenism, folks. They are all Nazis at heart.

Finally, do not dismiss this because it is *only* happening in Germany. This isn’t a foreigner’s problem. This is an environmental wacko problem. The greenwits here in the USA would love to do the same thing as these morons in Germany are trying to do. Greenism is an anti-American idea, sure, but make no mistake about it, it is more essentially an anti-human ideology, one that transcends national borders.

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