The Democrats and Senator Reid area Koch Whores

Senator Harry Reid is indulging an absurd habit these days. He’s become a Koch head, a Koch addict, a Koch whore. He just can’t get enough of libertarian campaign donors Charles and David Koch and Reid’s lost his tiny little mind over them blaming them for everything that he thinks is wrong with the country. Naturally, Reid is a liar.

Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries have donated hundreds of millions to center right candidates and causes over the last 30 years, something, Reid says, means they are “buying” politics in the country.

Before we even talk further about the Koch brothers, we should note that left-winger George Soros has spent far, far more of his personal fortune to push American politics leftward than the Kochs have spent pushing it rightward. And where is Reid to complain that extremist, left-wing billionaire Tom Steyer is spending hundreds of millions of his money to push the myth of global warming down our throats? Where is Reid to complain of the billions that has s\pent on politics? Worse, where is Reid to whine that unions are buying politics–and unions have spent trillions more over the last 50 years than either Soros OR the Kochs. Of course, the lying hypocrite Senator from Nevada doesn’t care about Soros, the unions, or your Steyers because they all spend their billions on Democrats and their Euroesque causes.

As I wrote at Breitbart in January:

On the other side of the aisle, Democrat-supporting George Soros donated at least $2.5 million to support Barack Obama’s reelection in 2012, and back in 2004, he spent a reported $23 million in an effort to defeat George W. Bush.

Additionally, the Latino Victory Project, a Soros-backed group that pumped $30 million into Obama’s reelection campaign, is now lining up tens of millions to defeat ten House Republicans who oppose amnesty for illegal aliens.

I almost feel that we should capitalize the “brothers” in Koch brothers since the two words have become a proper name the left has attacked them so much.

Reid has bellowed that the Kochs are “un-American” (again, despite that his finders are doing the exact same thing), absurdly claimed they were “delaying Ukraine aid,” claimed that they are “actually trying to buy the country,” and any manner of other calumnies for which he has no proof.

Of course, Reid has never ever cared about facts, proof, veracity, truth or anything of that proper moral nature. Reid only cares about throwing out a lie long enough that it becomes accepted “truth” among his voters. Remember when Reid said some guy told him that Mitt Romney never paid any taxes? Yeah, that was a lie, too.

Even left-wingers at MSVNBC have criticized Reid for his constant lies about the Kochs.

Anyway, Reid isn’t the only Democrat fool prattling about how evil the Kochs are for legally spending their money on political causes. A new ad created to fool voters in Louisiana into voting for Senator Mary Landreiu again also indulged some lie-filled Koch-a-gogeury.

In the ad the Senate Majority PAC claimed that the Kochs support “tax cuts for companies that ship our jobs overseas.”

But even the Washington Post claims that this is a lie.

Upon examination, this claim crumbles into dust. The ad not only mischaracterizes an ordinary tax deduction as a special “tax cut” but then it falsely asserts that “protecting” this tax break is part of the Koch agenda. It turns out this claim is based on a tenuous link to an organization that never even took a position on the legislation in question.

The Democrats don’t care what the truth is, though. They have a narrative that they want to shove down everyone’s throat built of fear and held together with lies all meant to force ill-informed voters to continue to throw away their votes on Democrats.

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