Charles Krauthammer on Obama Foreign Policy – DELUSIONAL

Charles Krauthammer lays out the situation in the Ukraine – and US foreign policy in general – in single syllable words. Until he gets to “delusional”.

This is astonishing. Our leaders are unable to muster anything that the Europeans will join that will hurt Putin.

We can remember back to 2008 when one of the big reasons we were supposed to be thankfully voting for Senator Barack Obama was that adults would be in charge of foreign policy. No more “cowboy antics”. World leaders were going to respect the US. Heck, the people around the world would like us. It would be spring in the Middle East. Muslims would stop killing their neighbors, and each other, and a new era of peace would be ushered in.

Newly elected President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for just being, well, not-Bush. He was a visionary. He was the most intelligent guy in the room. He may not have been the “Prince of Peace”, but he sure was the “President of Peace”.

He was everything. He was what we’ve been waiting for.

We apologize for inflicting the following on you, but it’s important we remember just how narcissistic our Imperial President really is.

Our head hurts. It’s not like we weren’t warned. The amazing thing is that he got away with this sham twice. Shame on our country, and most of all, shame on the three million people who voted for John McCain and then sat on their couches and refused to vote for Mitt Romney because he wasn’t [fill in the blank] enough.

Krauthammer is right, delusional, but Charles doesn’t go far enough. It’s not just his foreign policy, domestic policy is no better. But that’s a subject for another day.

Whatever you have on your calendar this year, come November do not sit on your couch. Go to the polls and vote against any Democrat that is running in your races. Don’t just vote against the Democrat, vote for the Republican even if you have to hold your nose to do it. The only way to stop the agenda is take back the Senate.

If we don’t take the Senate you can be sure Benghazi will be forgotten. The IRS will not only continue to run roughshod over taxpayers’ rights, they’ll ramp up the attack. When other federal agencies run by long time Democrat “civil servants” see that nobody does anything about the IRS they’ll get in the game too.

Before November work for the Republican in your state/district. On election day VOTE and vote Republican.

Your children and grandchildren are depending on you.

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