Alan Grayson and the War on Women goes live

Remember the war on women Democrats are always talking about?

Well, it turns out that there’s a grammar problem with that sentence, and being a Grammar Nazi we can’t let that lie. That first sentence should read “Remember the Democrats’ War on Women?” The silly little apostrophe just makes all the difference. It puts the ownership of the war on women in the right place. With the Democrats.

Here’s the latest salvo, unfortunately you will only see a flash of this in the major media and they won’t point out the obvious. Alan Grayson is just a typical foul-mouthed, bully, not-so-bright, Democrat.

There’s domestic violence that predates this incident but went unreported.

If this were a Republican the press would be all over this and every previous alleged incident of domestic violence would be trotted out over the next few weeks.

Alan Grayson is a foul “human being”, and we use scare quotes because we’re not really sure we’d classify Grayson as human in a civil society. The most interesting part of this to us is that Grayson’s district got redrawn and apparently he’s in a safe seat now after a very close race against Alan West two years ago.

We stopped trying to understand Democrats a long time ago. They seem to be drawn to politicians like Grayson. They also have an affinity for people who give every indication that they’re simply not very bright. Like the classic “…if we put too many Marines on Guam the island may tip over…” We were talking with a client on Guam well over a year after that and right out of the blue she changed the subject to “people don’t know much about Guam…” and brought that incident up. Along with some commentary about rank stupidity.

In closing, we’d like to know why Republicans seem to be giving Grayson a pass on this – and everything else this piece of nose slime does. The Republican National Committee, with the help of the US Chamber of Commerce, is working overtime trying to knock off the Tea Party and they ignore dregs of society like Alan Grayson.

Where are the Party bench builders down in Florida? Why aren’t they recruiting like crazy to find a credible opponent to Grayson? And, what’s in the water down there? Debbie Wasserman Schultz – who couldn’t possibly have a double digit IQ – is from Florida. Why don’t they have full time people doing nothing but following every word these idiots utter and tweeting them to death?

The Democrats are basing their hopes in November on their Republican War on Women meme. Why aren’t Republicans hitting back twice as hard?

We guess they’re not proactively on the attack because the Country Club Establishment would be embarrassed and because the US Chamber of Commerce won’t pay for it.

It’s long past time for a change at the top of the RNC.

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