The Left’s Most Hated Koch Brothers Are Only 59th In Highest Political Donations

Only days ago the most hatefilled, partisan member of the Senate, Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid, again cried that the evil Koch brothers are destroying the country with their political donations. But it turns out that the Kochs are 59th on the big donor list. Worse, liberals take up almost all of the top 10 donors.

There has been gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes among extreme lefties over the big money donations made to conservative and libertarian causes by David and Charles Koch. They helped create the political activist group Americans For Prosperity and have funded many, many such groups across the nation. This center right activism, of course, makes them a target of the haters on the left and push them into top spot as the left’s most hated boogy men.

But a recent look at the nations deep pocket donors shows that the brothers are way, way down the list of big donors and that lefties fill most of those top slots.

In a piece by Mark Tapscott we find that six of the top ten donors to political causes are left-wing unions.

Those unions are AFSCME, the NEA, IBEW, UAW, the Carpenters & Joiners, and the SEIU.

And who is the biggest political donor? The extremist, left-wing group ActBlue. In fact, ActBlue tops the list after being around for only ten years, a full 15 years fewer than the Koch brothers have been involved in and donating to politics. Yet ActBlue has topped the Kochs by tens of millions in that short period of time!

The other three donors in the top ten are communications giant AT&T, the National Association of Realtors, and Goldman Sachs.

But on the floor of the Senate, Senator Harry Reid has whined that the Koch brothers are “buying” the country and destroying Washington with their political activism and their political donations.

As usual we find that those on the left simply lie. About everything.

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