Harry Reid Claims Those Who Say Obamacare Costs Them More Are Liars

From the floor of the Senate, Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid has stated that all those thousands of Americans that have reported that Obamacare is driving up their costs, not reducing them, and that Obamacare is a “horror story” are simply lying. Yes, Harry Reid just called thousands of Americans liars.

During remarks he made on the floor of the Senate on February 26, Reid talked about those many Americans who are reporting how Obamacare has hurt them. He said, “there’s plenty of horror stories being told,” about Obamacare. “All of them are untrue, but they’re being told all over America.”

But the stories are undeniable. Obamacre is hurting Americans from coast to coast. Are you telling us, Senator Reid, that all these thousands of Americans are liars?

Here are just a few stories of the thousands being reported in the media.

Gainesville medial assistant Casey Heaps, for instance, told the media in Alabama, “I don’t know what this world’s coming to. It’s scary. … oh no, I didn’t get to get my insurance plan I had. I had the one I liked, the one that worked for me, the one I could afford, but no I didn’t get to keep it, it went up!”

Beth Kramer in California was happy to get insurance under Obamacare but then found that no doctors in her area would take her new plan, so having Obamacare is worse than useless to her because it is costing her money while she still can’t get service. “I’m out of medication. I’m sitting here with an infection that I’m out of antibiotics [for] and symptoms are coming back and I have no idea when I can go to a doctor or where,” she said.

Another woman in California found that Obamacare increased her costs tremendously. The 57 year old stay-at-home mom had her insurance cancelled on Dec. 31. But her new plan is 59.6% higher premiums and her deductible is $2,000 higher. Further, she has a higher co-pay. Her costs will be at least $2,466.24 more than last year.

An Illinois family of 4 were also negatively impacted. Both parents and a 23 yr. old were canceled. “We’re scrambling to replace coverage by Jan. 1st at a 80% increase in premiums. Washington, you’re killing us out here,” the family said.

A woman in Missouri complained that there is just “no way” she can afford that higher costs forced upon her by Obamacare. Naturally, thanks to Obamacare she lost her coverage this year. Now her premium will be somewhere around $450 a month with a $6,300 deductible up to $500+ a month for the best plan. She struggles to pay $187 a month right now with a $5000 deductible. “There is no way, no way I can afford this,” she said.

A North Carolina businessman said that healthcare is tripling for his employees going from $311 to $963 a month. Business owner Tony Hyatt said, “I really am concerned that the way things are going that the quality of healthcare will go down.”

There are thousands of these stories all across the nation.

Are all these Americans liars, Mr. Reid?

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