Democrats Causing Income Inequality?

Rich and Poor


If Democrats want to combat income inequality in the USA, then perhaps they should start where it is the greatest … in cities dominated by the Democratic Party.

As cited by the New York Times, the Brookings Institution has published a study that shows where in the USA income inequality is the greatest.

Here is a chart from the study that says plenty:



In an article published by the Huffington Post, Mark Gongloff writes the following:

Cities tend to have higher inequality in part because they have more progressive politics, offering housing, transportation and other support to the poor, Berube notes in his study.

Those cities at the bottom half of the above chart also offer housing, transportation and other support to the poor.   So, the second half of Gongloff’s statement can be left out.  He gets it right when he links progressive politics to greater income inequality.

So, if Democrats want to combat income inequality, then why don’t they promote higher taxation in the cities with greatest income inequality? They can promote higher local taxation without promoting higher federal taxation.

Since income inequality is the greatest in particular cities (as shown in the above chart), why don’t Democrats promote a minimum wage in those cities that is higher than the federal minimum wage?   They can promote a higher local minimum wage without promoting a higher federal minimum wage.

Come on, Democrats, get to work! If you can’t eliminate income inequality in the cities that you dominate, then why should anyone believe that you can eliminate income inequality throughout the entire USA?

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