The Republican Establishment wants the IRS harassing the Tea Parties more than the Democrats

Pat Caddell was a longtime Democratic operative and pollster, we doubt he’s worked for a Democratic candidate for a long time because he’s a reasonable man. He understands the workings of Washington inside and out and here’s what he has to say about the IRS harassing conservatives.

“The Tea Parties are an outside threat to their power hold.”

Let’s be clear right now. People don’t spend millions – or billions – to hold office because they’re going to make a lot of money. A Senator or Congressman makes less than $200,000 per year. A good car salesman can make that, and the jokers occupying House and Senate seats are all very good car salesmen. They run for office for prestige and for raw power. Nothing more.

Everything that gets done in Washington is done with one thing in the background, everybody understands that the most important thing an elected official has on his or her plate is getting reelected. Campaign finance reform wasn’t about getting “big money” out of politics, it was about making sure the only people who have access to big money are currently elected officials.

John McCain, the guy who has made a career out of railing about money in politics and whose name is on the current legislation regulating campaign finance, spent $50 million getting reelected in 2010 in a state that has two relatively small and easily accessible media markets. He won his primary in a landslide and followed it up with another landslide in the general election and he wouldn’t have had to leave his home in Washington to come back and campaign because his primary opponent was a well raving idiot and the Democratic opponent in the general wasn’t even well known to his family.

The Tea Party creates huge problems for the GOP Establishment. They really create no problems for the Democrats. Democrats use the Tea Parties, in general, as a target for demagoguery any time they need to move ObamaCare off the front pages. Tea Party Senators and Representatives keep the old line media in business – see reporting on Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

The GOP Establishment, on the other hand, has huge problems with the Tea Parties. Just ask Dick Lugar or any one of a number of former House Members or former Senators who got retired because of a Tea Party candidate. Ask Pat Roberts, the soon to be former Senator from Kansas who’s been a US Senator ostensibly representing that state for 46 years. Never mind that, like Dick Lugar, he doesn’t have a home in his “home state” and hasn’t for decades. He’s got what is essentially a time share.

The GOP Establishment is working hand in pocket with the US Chamber of Commerce – the premier big government organization in the US – to fund campaigns for people like Pat Roberts. They want them in Washington because they’re reliable big government providers. They may “advocate” on some conservative issues but they’re every bit as opposed to the concept of “small government as Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

That’s why you don’t see senior Republicans talking about the IRS scandals every time they’re in front of a camera. They want the IRS to keep conservatives as far away from the polling places and from election issue advertising as they can keep them. It’s the GOP Establishment who get hurt, not so much the Democrats.

The Curmudgeon urges you to support solid Tea Party backed candidates and for starters, check out Matt Bevin who is running against Mitch McConnell and Dr. Milton Wolf who is going to send Pat Roberts to a retirement home somewhere in the DC suburbs.

If you can spare a buck or two please help out, electing people like Matt and Milt is far more important than a Starbucks latte this week.

Your kids’ future depends on it.


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