California has a water problem – Democrats are hoarding!

California has a huge problem with drought. It hasn’t rained and the snow pack is down and their water supplies are at all time lows. The most interesting part the story is that there’s a water bank called the Kern Water Bank. It’s a huge reservoir that sits under Paramount Farms, a huge agribusiness that controls the pistachio market in the US, was – and likely still is – the largest Sunkist grower, among other things. Turns out Paramount Farms and another big agribusiness bought the water bank from the state and they control it.

Bottom line, while crops are dying all over California, Paramount Farms has a banner harvest coming up. Here’s the story.

For the rest of the story, and this is where it gets interesting, the owners of Paramount Farms happen to be Hollywood, far-left Democrats. We know them personally, and they are huge Obama/Jerry Brown supporters.

We find great humor in the far-left financiers of Democratic campaigns being attacked by the far-left environmentalists. Can’t wait for this to play out. It’s shaping up to be a classic fight over property rights. Hopefully, it will be really ugly because we love to see liberals spending tons of money fighting each other.

We stand with Paramount Farms. Not because we know the owners, but because we know the Constitution.


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