Ted Cruz gets edited by CBS

Senator Ted Cruz was on Face the Nation yesterday, although given their ratings it should be called Face a Couple of People. Toward the end of the segment with Bob Schieffer, he was asked about his priorities and he had the audacity to mention President Obama’s unlawful acts as both President and legislator.

Schieffer interrupted Cruz, and attempted to interrupt him several more times. He finally cut him off.

Needless to say, the major media refuses to address the outrageous behavior of the Obama administration, from Fast & Furious to Benghazi to the IRS and dozen more scandals that would have occupied the front pages of the New York Times and Washington Post as well as 15 minutes of every evening newscast for the last five years.

We’re happy that Senator Cruz keeps pounding on these issues every chance he gets, perhaps one day somebody will pay attention. The Republican leadership in the Senate and House certainly don’t give a damn. Were it not for Darrell Issa all we’d hear from the beltway is crickets.

We can’t wait to hear the pronouncements from the media regarding the upcoming State of the Union address. We’re sure we’ll be told it was brilliant and lays out a positive agenda before a do-nothing Congress that is driven to make the President a lame duck.

This election year will be interesting, if the Beltway didn’t have the Tea Parties to attack they wouldn’t have anything to do.

Next up, the debt ceiling. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have both signaled that they expect concessions to raise the debt ceiling and we’ve heard that the President will demand a clean debt ceiling bill and will threaten to veto anything that isn’t. Not that he’d have to since it would never get through the Senate.

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