National Security Angry Birds

If you missed it, the National Security Agency is checking on you through your Angry Birds. It turns out that Angry Birds gathers your location data from your phone, probably so they can target ads to your location. The NSA has cracked Angry Birds security, which we’re guessing is non-existent, pretty much like ObamaCare site security, and they can track you while you kill piggies.

Listen closely to the following discussion, we find it really disturbing.

These commentators seem to be very comfortable with the idea that “the government” is tracking every American in every way they can think of. As the commentator notes, “the NSA is willing to spy on anything…”

Let’s be really clear here, if you’ve been following the NSA mess you’ll know that they are the IRS on steroids. Their officials, up to and including the head of the agency, are comfortable going before a Congressional committee and lying about their activities. They are that confident that their big brother supporters in the House and Senate will provide cover for them.

It’s also obvious that the members of congress who are supposed to have oversight responsibilities over the agency don’t have a clue what’s going on there. Every week we find out new revelations of the level to which the agency has gone to gather information on Americans.

If you are willing to believe that, if not now, certainly sometime in the near future that information will be used against Americans for political purposes, you’re beyond naïve, we would rate you five-star stupid. Remember, the IRS was supposed to be above politics too.

There is a trade-off between individual liberty and “security”. We’re using scare quotes around “security” because every time the government feels any push back on their level of intrusion into your life, they tell you it’s to keep you safe. Balderdash. It’s to have control over you. And us. We don’t know for sure about you, but we can tell you that we’ll give up a lot in the security department to maintain our individual liberty and our constitutional guarantee of privacy.

Knowing where everyone is and what they’re doing is not really a good application of security, especially when the government says they’re doing it to keep us secure from people who are essentially government actors for foreign powers.

Rather than track our Angry Birds, we be much safer if the government established beyond doubt that they care about two things. First, secure borders; second, that an act of terrorism on the part of a group supported by a foreign government will be considered an act of war and will be treated as such.
The actions of special forces at the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, and our troops conduct of the war since then has been a great story of heroism. It, however, hasn’t made us any safer. If anything, because of the rules of engagement imposed on the troops by Washington’s arm chair commanders, and because of the dithering by the commanders in chief, Afghanistan has probably made us less safe. It’s shown we have no resolve.

We would have preferred to see two Afghan cities, large ones and one for each tower, reduced to ashes. The first should have been Kabul, with every government official under the ash. That wouldn’t have required deployment of a single Marine or soldier, and wouldn’t have put at serious risk one life that matters. And yes, the life of one Marine or soldier matters more than all of Kabul.
That’s just one reason we won’t ever be President.

With respect to the NSA, it will most certainly be retained, there will be talk of increased oversight and blah, blah, blah, but in six months we will be back to status quo because they’ve got acres and acres of servers to feed in their new facility in Utah, and you can bet the government wants that information.

Because they want absolute control over you.

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