Democrats thrive on a culture of hate

To Democrats, “tolerance” is nothing more than a front behind which they can build a culture of hate. There is no room for any opinion but their own. You can see it happening on issue after issue.

On college campuses, the left has created a virtually absolute zone of intolerance against conservative professors; you can’t get into a tenure track job in any department if you’re not “progressive”. Conservative students face lower grades for speaking up about their views in class and conservative organizations are outcasts.

Laws or rules against “hate speech” are really against “conservative speech”.

Republicans are constantly accused of waging a “War on Women” or “Minorities” or whoever the progressive group du jour happens to be and the media are willing accomplices with the Democrats.

The problem is, it’s the Democrats who are at war. It’s been exposed time and again, and in political races you can bet the second panic sets in the stream of vile hate starts.

Today we’re looking at the latest expose by Project Veritas. James O’Keefe does great work. He got into a meeting of Battleground Texas, a progressive group that is an offshoot of Organizing for America, the President’s political arm – a 501c group that the IRS won’t investigate.

For a little background, Democrats desperately want to “Turn Texas Blue” and they were sure they’d found their heroine in Wendy Davis – known in Texas as Abortion Barbie. Davis got national attention when she managed to delay a vote in the Texas Senate on a law that required abortion clinics to meet the same medical standards as other out-patient clinics. The law was later passes overwhelmingly, it’s supported by the vast majority of Texans, and it was upheld in the courts.

None the less, the abortion lobby is behind Wendy and she was able to raise about $12 million out-of-state dollars to run for governor. She’s raised enough in-state for lunch at McDonalds. Things were going along swimmingly and a Democrat newspaper reporter who has been frequently featured on MSNBC ripping Texas Republicans to shreds wrote an article about AbortionBarbie and noted that the life story she’s been peddling is a lie, and the long knives have come out.

The presumptive Republican candidate for governor is a paraplegic, confined to a wheelchair, and here’s what the Democrats at Battleground Texas – remember, it’s an Obama organization through-and-through, think about a physically disabled Republican who happens to be the current Attorney General of Texas.

Nice, huh?

The left is screaming that the video was “taken out of context”, blah, blah, blah. Judge for yourself.

You can bet this isn’t over. We’re going to be following AbortionBarbie and her campaign. Right now things aren’t going well for her and your Curmudgeon will happily toss a few pebbles on the pile.

Tomorrow, we’ll have the Attorney General’s response.

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