Michigan Democrat: Obamacare. It’s been a disaster for me.

Oh my, things just seem to be coming apart at the seams for Democrat candidates these days. First, Wendy Davis, the heartthrob of abortionists and women who let their husbands pay for Harvard and divorce them after the last payment, who is running for Governor of Texas, looks like she committed perjury on the witness stand.

Yesterday it comes out that the Democrat candidate for the Michigan House seat held by Dan Benishek tells a reporter,

“I don’t like Obamacare. It’s been a disaster for me. I want to go back to the way it was before.”

Whatever these people are drinking, to paraphrase Abe Lincoln, we need to buy a case of it and send it to every Democrat candidate.

We’ve covered Ms. Davis – and we’re pretty sure she’s not done yet, so we’ll be undoubtedly writing more about her – today we’re going to focus on Jerry Cannon, the pride of Michigan Democrats.

Jerry Cannon is an interesting guy. He was a career Army officer, retiring at the rank of Maj.Gen. and was, for a time, the commandant of GITMO. After leaving the Army he went back to Michigan and was elected County Sheriff in his home county. Cannon is being supported by the DCCC and Steve Ireland, head of the DCCC, calls him “a standout”.

Here’s the jist of the story.

  • A reporter for a local newspaper interviewed Cannon and was given a business card and told to call if he had any follow up questions;
  • The reporter was listening to the recording and preparing his story and called the number on the card with a follow up question;
  • The reporter called Cannon to ask about ObamaCare and about the unemployment insurance extension, those issues were not covered in the initial interview;
  • The phone was answered by someone who sounded just like Jerry Cannon;
  • The reporter greeted him as “Mr. Cannon” and referenced the interview;
  • The person on the phone responded to the greeting and had a discussion with the reporter.

During that response the person on the phone made the comment about ObamaCare shown above. You’ve probably guessed why we are referring to “the person on the phone”, right?

The newspaper put the story up on their website. Not long after the story goes up the phone rings and it’s a spokesman for the Cannon campaign, Ted Dick. He tells the paper that the reporter hadn’t spoken to Cannon and the phone was turned off at the time the reporter said he called.

The paper took the story down and the next day they put up a new story with a different Cannon quote and this gem.

“Campaign manager Ted Dick said Cannon had not been the person speaking in the call, and that the phone with the number provided to the Gazette had been turned off during the time of the call.”

As the article in National Review notes, there are a limited number of possibilities here.

  1. Cannon’s campaign is lying.
  2. There’s somebody running around Michigan with a cell phone, who sounds like Jerry Cannon, and who’s planting false quotes with the press.

There’s also a third option, the reporter is lying. Given that he is the paper’s most experienced reporter, and well respected, we’re not betting on that one.

Cannon has a problem. Not as big a problem as he’d have were he a Republican, of course, but a problem none-the-less. Here’s what he said about ObamaCare from The Hill, in a discussion about Mark Upton’s bill that would allow people to keep their health plans.

Democrat Jerry Cannon, a Vietnam and Iraq War veteran who is challenging Rep. Dan Benishek (R) in Michigan’s 1st District, echoed Graham’s criticism — but didn’t mention Obama outright.

“When I went through basic training, I was taught a promise made is a promise kept. When Obamacare was passed, we were promised that if you liked your insurance plan, you could keep it. We need to honor that promise,” he said in a statement to The Hill.

Asked for clarification on whether he’d specifically endorse the Upton bill, however, he added, in a revised statement, only that “there are some good things about that bill, and some things I’d change.”

14-0121 - Repeat the LieIt’s beginning to look like Mr. Cannon has either forgotten or put aside everything he learned in boot camp, and in the military, about honor. We’re guessing he just cast it aside, he is, after all a Democrat. We’d put Cannon in the same canoe as our Senator John McCain, who is a tacit Republican – he runs on the ticket but serves the interest of Washington, not the interests of Arizona – and McCain hung up any sense of honor he ever had along with his Navy uniforms, in the back of the closet in one of his houses that he never visits.

Just look at the comment from The Hill. First he says “we need to honor that promise” then, we’re sure after a bruising round with the President’s people, he comes out with a “revised statement”.

Shame on you Mr. Cannon. Of course, you can’t be shamed you’re a Democrat.

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