Duck Dynasty takes on Girls

Duck Dynasty launched their new season on A&E last week. It was a blockbuster, though ratings were slightly lower than for last season which was a cable TV record.

Here’s some perspective on the launch from Breitbart…

The show’s Wednesday night episode, the first from season 5, scored 8.5 million viewers, a figure that eclipsed the numbers from the end of season 4. The ratings figures weren’t as high as the first episode from season 4, though. Those ratings set a cable television record.

For perspective, the first new episode of the HBO series Girls’ third season drew 1.1 million viewers.

The program was shot before the flap over Phil Robertson’s comments on homosexuals that got him “fired”. We would note that A&E is probably still eating crow, but we suspect that the Ducks are kind enough they’d throw a mallard A&E’s way.

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