Reporter Confronts Union Chief Supporting a Child Molesting Teacher

Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters recently traveled to Michigan to find out why the teachers union there is fighting so hard to force the taxpayers to give a big cash payment to a teacher convicted of molesting a child.

Watters confronted Steven Cook, the head of the Michigan Education Association–the teachers union there–over why the MEA would fight so hard to force the taxpayers to give this child molester a $10,000 payout even after he was convicted for his crime?

The criminal, teacher Neal Erickson, was convicted of criminal sexual conduct with a minor and was sentenced up to 30 years in prison. The boy he molested 8 years ago was only 13-years-old at the time.

Erickson was a teacher at the West Branch-Rose City district, in northeast Michigan

Why is the teachers union in Michigan supporting a convicted child molester and trying to get taxpayers to give him a huge cash payment? Because unions don’t care about kids, that’s why.

Regardless, Jesse Watters had that very question for MEA President Cook.

When he asked Cook why he’s fighting so hard for the scumbag’s big payday, the teachers union thug said he had “no comment.”

“You have no comment, whatsoever? You have a teacher that raped a student and you want him paid?” Watters asked.

Watters also spoke via telephone with teacher Erickson’s victim, now a 21-year old college student.

The student said that Cook’s actions made the union leader “just as bad” as Erickson is.

“Nobody will ever know what [Erickson] did to me,” the young man said.

Watters’ confrontation with Cook aired on the O’Reilly Factor on January 13.

What do you think? Should teachers unions be eliminated?

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