Obama Fails as Iran Celebrates Nuclear Agreement as an ‘American Surrender’

It looks like Barack Obama was taken for a ride with his administration’s failed negotiations with Iran over that country’s nuclear ambitions. The Iranians are touting the agreement as a victory over both Obama in particular and “the west” in general.

Iran’s purported “moderate” president, Hassan Rouhani, took to his Twitter account to celebrate his victory over Obama saying that Obama “surrendered” to the “Iranian’s nation’s will.”

While Obama is claiming that his capitulation to Iran is actually the first step in convincing Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions, the Iranians are touting the agreement as the first step toward eliminating all sanctions against their nation not to mention the first step toward actually enlarging their nuclear ambitions.

In fact, Iran is claiming that this agreement is a large step toward recognizing Iran’s “right” to have nuclear weapons.

Regardless, Obama is touting this agreement as a victory and is threatening to veto the additional sanctions that the Senate is pushing claiming that further sanctions threaten his “progress” with Iran.

The new sanctions being considered in the Senate are meant to deter Iran from cheating on the new agreement.

But Obama’s veto threat may be hollow. It looks like further sanctions have heavy support in the Senate. It has bipartisan support, too, with 59 co-sponsors–almost a veto-proof majority.

So, is Obama a victor here? Or did the Iranian’s pull one over on our President?

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